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Ambassador Program

This is an application to become a LiveSore Ambassador and we consider this a very prestigious opportunity and take applicants very seriously. LiveSore has quickly become one of the fastest growing apparel brands within the fitness industry and we want to offer a handful of awesome individuals a way to be part of the excitement, while in turn helping continue to spread the word.


We are looking for Ambassadors who are enthusiastic about their fitness journey, whatever that might be. We accept all comers, regardless of fitness level, discipline or age.  We don't care if you are an elite Spartan Racer, a Competitive Crossfit Athlete, a Marathon Runner, or someone just starting out on their fitness journey with dreams of being healthy and happy.  Our aim is to create a community of like minded people who look to lift both themselves and the Livesore name to the next level, whatever that may be.

Now here's the catch (cause i know you are waiting for one). This is not a sales position.  We are not looking for influencers with a trillion followers.  We are looking for those guys and girls that grind away in the gym, smashing their workouts and leaving with a smile on their faces.
So who can apply to become an Livesore Ambo
Anyone we believe that there should be no restrictions on you fitness journey and we definitely won't stand in your way.
To be a Livesore Australia Ambassador you need only purchase an Ambassador pack.  This pack includes 2 Shirts or Tanks (one Exclusive Livesore Australia Shirt and another Livesore Shirt) and a swag of other gear.  This shows your commitment to being a LiveSore Ambassador while at the same gets you started with some amazing LiveSore merch.. From there you will receive a special Ambassador Discount Code to get 15% off all apparel and accessories on the ONLINE store.