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Our Slogan is simple and to the point “Embrace the Pain”. Anyone who is active, who trains, who works out, who struggles, who pushes, and who is dedicated can most definitely relate to this. It is after all what helps those of you who “train through the pain” get the results you seek.

We don’t care if you’re a fitness competitor, a high level cross trainer, a bodybuilder, a ball player, a mother who is in her walking group, a triathlete, a little leaguer, someone recovering from an operation, the person fighting weight issues or anything in between. If you are active and can relate to and appreciate the feeling of being sore and use that as your motivation to keep pushing, than we are proud of you and want to be your workout brand of choice. Many of us can relate to the feeling of wanting to give up or to quit or to stop a rep early or a mile short, sure that’s easy. But what pushes you to do an extra rep, to run an extra mile, to throw 50 more pitches while knowing it will “hurt”. It’s that satisfaction you receive from knowing you gave all and then some so that you can be better than you were yesterday and knowing that you’re not quite as good as you will be tomorrow. That my friends is how we LiveSore and why we’re so proud of it. Our fitness clothing and gym wear is a piece to that puzzle. Shop LiveSore men’s strength training apparel and fitness gear here.